Review of the Slot Game “Storm to Riches”

The internet is great because it allows us to learn about cultures and customs that would otherwise be inaccessible to us. Non-seafarers, for instance, have easy access to a plethora of video clips depicting life on the sea and the might of nature as they see ocean-going vessels rocked by enormous waves. Videos of modern ships being blown around by waves are scary, but try to imagine what it was like to navigate the ocean in a rickety wooden boat hundreds of years ago. Northernlights Gaming, a Games Global partner, offers a taste of this sort of thing in their online slot Storm to Riches.

There are two, contrasting ways in which fear is conveyed in Storm to Riches. The first is the backdrop artwork, which depicts a Viking ship being pounded by a wave that is as least as tall as it is long. The Kraken, a legendary marine monster, is responsible for the second source of fear. However, the Kraken does make an appearance in conjunction with one of Storm to Riches’ features, and we will discuss that when the time comes. Enjoy the rough seas and weather for the time being; the title of the game implies a correlation between turbulence and wealth, so maybe things will improve.

Play in Storm to Riches takes place on an adaptable grid, most often in the standard 5-reel, 3-row configuration. Twenty paylines are in play at this size, but that grows to 45 in the full 8-row high layout. Storm to Riches is a medium-volatile slot machine with four different RTP setups, the highest of which returns 96.09%. Bets range from 10 pence to £/€20 each spin, and it may be played on any device.

The maximum return to player percentage is 32.76%, and normal line wins require at least three matching symbols in a row, beginning on the far left of the grid. The jaggedly runic J through A card values pay out at modest rates (0.5 to 1 times the wager for five of a kind), while the premium beer mug, shield, axe, and helm pay out at rates of 2 to 10 times the wager for five of a kind. The boat wild appears both in the main game and in the bonus spins. If a winning line consists entirely of wild symbols, the payout is 100 times the wager.

Features of a Rich Online Slot Storm

The wild symbols in Storm to Riches are very significant since they only appear on reel 5. The wild then shifts positions from right to left on the next spin. Wilds may stand in for any other pay symbol, but they can also gather coin values if there are any coin symbols on the reels.

Founding Treasure From The Vikings

Any one coin may be valued anywhere from one hundred times the initial wager or one of the other prizes in the pot. Here we have the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand pots, each of which is worth 20 times, 50 times, 500 times, and 5,000 times the initial wager.

Take the Hit

Ride the Storm may be activated if a wild symbol lands on reel 1. If so, the wild symbol will reset to reel 5 and start its trip from the beginning. If Ride the Storm isn’t activated, the reel 1 wild will disappear. Both the regular game and the free spins provide access to Ride the Storm.

Kraken Winches

At any time during Storm to Riches, the Kraken Reels might appear. For the duration of this feature (one spin), the grid will grow to a maximum of five rows in height. When Kraken Reels is activated during free games, the grid expands to a maximum of 8 rows and remains at that size until the bonus finishes. The number of available paylines increases by 5 for every successive row.

Free Games at Valhalla

In the main game, the Valhalla Free Spins bonus round is activated when scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Then, they choose between two characters to uncover 8, 10, 15, or 20 free games and four coins of varying values. As a 2×2 block during free spins, the selected character will disclose one of four coin values.

Gamble/Bonus Purchase

The free spins bonus round may be accessed more quickly in two different methods. You may either buy a ticket for 50 times your wager or spin a wheel with red and green segments for a chance to win entrance for 25 times your wager.

Win Big in a Slot Machine Storm!

Our previous slot machine review was Northernlights Gaming’s Monkey Bonanza. This ape-themed game’s main draw was its coin-collecting bonus round. The developer has followed up with another slot that shares the same coin-collecting mechanic. One of the first assumptions, emphasized by the selection of a familiar but occasionally exciting online gambling topic like Vikings, was that the proximity of the releases would lead to a significant amount of currency weariness.

Storm to Riches, however, showed that it has a few tricks up its Viking sleeve (or something similar) to maybe delight players by the conclusion of the game. Players that enjoy coin collection aspects will likely be more drawn to Storm to Riches, and while there are many of similar games available, its unique design sets it apart from the competition. When there was more than one wild boat chugging across the game grid, sucking up cash, that’s when things really became exciting. Although players are at the complete mercy of whatever coins happen to drop in the pot, the technical worth of coins may be rather high.

It’s understandable if coin-collecting video games have worn you out; after all, providers crank them out like a malfunctioning vending machine. Game developers wouldn’t release so many similar slot machines if no one was interested in playing them, and Storm to Riches’ style of gameplay seems exciting enough to attract a following.






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