The god Apollo serves as the inspiration for the newest slot game from PG SLOT,

which is titled Rise of Apollo. According to Greek mythology, Apollo, the sun god of ancient Greece, was the one who was responsible for making accurate forecasts. and a great leader who shines like a lighthouse, hence the prevalence of the use of this name in businesses. Including those games of chance like easy-to-win slot machines.

A standard Apollo slot machine will have six reels, six rows, and anywhere from 64 all the way up to 466,564 different chances to win. All you need to do is get three identical symbols in a row starting on the leftmost reel. Simply navigate to the reel on the right side of the screen. And it’s also fun to do successive combos. Because it’s a game of falling at your own pace. When it has been successfully claimed, the emblem will be taken away. The sign at the top will tumble down. As a result, it is now feasible to acquire successive awards as part of the same set in exchange for a single wager.

In Rise of Apollo, players have the opportunity to receive wildcard gifts.

If three to six of the same symbol appear on the slot machine table, you have won something in the Rise of Apollo game, which features the standard eleven winning symbols. You will receive a reward proportional to the payout that corresponds to that symbol. to make it easy to get prizes In addition to that, the game will randomly make some of the symbols larger than others or add silver frames to some of the symbols. The following is a rundown of the percentages of winnings that can be obtained from each of the reward symbols.

A potential payout of 150 percent is associated with the emblem of the white horse.

The horse-drawn cart symbol offers the highest potential payoff of all the icons.

The harp symbol offers the highest possible payment, which is 60 times for the sword and shield sign. has a highest possible rate of return of 30

vase symbol The highest amount of money that can be won with the leaf crown symbol is 15. The highest amount of money that can be won with the leaf crown symbol is 15.

The highest possible payoff for the letter A is ten coins.

The highest possible payoff for the letter K is ten coins.

The letter Q offers the highest possible payment, which is four coins.

The letter J offers the highest possible payout, which is four coins.

The highest payout possible with 10 symbols is 4.

Playing the Apollo Slot Game with Special Symbols

There are just two distinct representations of Apollo. However, it can both improve your odds of winning and enable you to access additional game elements if you use it correctly. which results in massively increased returns overall The following is some information regarding each individual symbol.

wild symbol

The Beginning of Apollo’s Rise The Wild symbol is a golden frame with an image of the God Apollo and the word WILD. The Wild symbol can only substitute for the Scatter sign, but it is an integral component of the other game features.

scatter sign

The word “Scatter” is shown in the background of the golden Apollo that serves as the game’s Scatter emblem. If the slot grid contains four scatter symbols at the same time. In order to play the bonus game, you will be given access to twelve free games. You will also receive two more free spins for each additional Scatter symbol that appears during the bonus round if there are more than four of them.

Bonus rounds and free spins are available in the Rise of Apollo slot game.

The Rise of Apollo slot game includes not one, not two, but four unique bonus rounds, not to mention some other gaming features that are both helpful and entertaining. The following contains information on how to activate each feature individually.

The function of Wilds on the Way

The Wilds on the Way feature will be activated in subsequent combination when the symbol that has a silver frame around it occurs. The silver frame will be replaced with a gold frame in the future. Additionally, a brand new symbol chosen at random will show up in the same location. In addition, if the symbols in the golden frame win once more, that symbol will immediately transform into a wild symbol.

Multiplier feature

The multiplier is the one-of-a-kind multiplier rate that is used for each new combination that is generated. In the usual play mode, it has the potential to reach a maximum multiplier of 5x, and it will begin to raise it by 1x for each combination that is achieved. A more difficult classic game is now available to play on the slot machine known as Jack Frost’s Winter.

Wild Blessing is a character trait.

The Wild Blessing feature will randomly activate across the board for each game type. It will transform some of the symbols that are included within its silver border into wild symbols at random. Because to this, obtaining prizes is very simple. Additionally, the total amount of the award has been raised.

The role of free spins

The free spins feature requires that you land four or more scatter symbols in order to activate it. During the free spins bonus round, the multiplier for each combination is increased by a factor of three, then six, then nine, then twelve, and finally, a maximum of fifteen times before the round comes to a close.

Consequences: Review of the Slot Game “Rise of Apollo”

Rise of Apollo is the most recent product by PG SLOT and is renowned for its high-reward bonus games that are simple to crack, simple to play, and quick to learn. The games from more recent times. The more challenging it is to play in a profitable manner. One of the newest Apollo slot machines is now the most played game because of how popular it is among gamers. On the PGSLOTAUTO website, you will have the opportunity to play this simple bonus game based on the gods of ancient Greece for the very first time. Home page of the website or the LINE app will, at all times, provide access to free bonus games.

Special features of the slot machine game Rise of Apollo

In the Rise of Apollo slot machine game, there are four unique characteristics, as well as a few additional beneficial features. Each feature and its activation requirements are listed below.

The function Wilds on the Way

When the silver-framed symbol emerges, subsequent combinations will trigger the Wilds on the Way feature. The silver frame will be transformed into a gold frame. In the same location, a new symbol will appear at random. And if the symbols within the golden frame win again, this symbol will immediately transform into a wild.

Multiplier feature

The multiplier is the unique rate of multiplication given to each consecutive combination. In standard play mode, the multiplier will begin to increase by 1x for each winning combination, up to a maximum of 5x. Presenting Jack Frost’s Winter, a more difficult old slot machine game.

Feature of the Wild Blessing

In all game types, the Wild Blessing feature will activate at random. It will transform a number of symbols within its silver border into wild symbols at random. This makes obtaining prizes simple. In addition, the prize amount is enhanced.

function of free games

By hitting four or more scatter symbols, the free spins feature is unlocked. Within the free spins feature, each multiplier is multiplied by three, six, nine, twelve, and a maximum of 15 times till the operation concludes.

Consequences: Review of the Slot Machine Game:

Rise of Apollo is the newest release from PG SLOT and is renowned for its easy-to-crack, simple-to-play, and high-paying bonus games. Recent competitions The greater the difficulty of playing profitably. Therefore, one of the newest Apollo slot machines is the most popular game among players. On the PGSLOTAUTO website, you may experience for the first time this bonus game themed on ancient Greek deities that is simple to crack. Home page of the website or LINE@ offer free bonus games 24 hours a day, every day.






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