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MasterCard owns the international debit card service Maestro, which processes more than 23 billion transactions each year. MasterCard is one of the largest providers of payment cards and payment processing solutions in the world. It is therefore not surprising that it provides a rapid, secure, and dependable payment solution.



Maestro Services

Powered by the MasterCard payment network, Maestro delivers debit and prepaid cards.


Customers with Maestro debit cards are able to:


Shop in-store and online with funds from the linked checking account.

Pay for foreign things

Withdraw the money from particular ATMs.

Observe monthly bank statements for an accounting of expenditures

Customers with Maestro Prepaid Cards are able to:


Add funds to the card at select establishments using other cards, a checking account, or cash.

Purchase products and services in-store and online.

Withdraw cash from worldwide Maestro ATMs

How do I register for Maestro?

A number of UK high street banks and financial service firms provide Maestro debit and prepaid cards, such as:


Adam & Company Irish Bank

The Clydesdale Bank of the British Bank of the Middle East

Coutts & Co HSBC First Direct

Isle of Man Financial Institution

Northern NatWest Bank

Yorkshire Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland

Ulster Bank

Typically, debit cards are issued in conjunction with a checking account, therefore you will need to provide the following information to your selected bank:


Name Address Telephone

Documentation of identity and/or address

Permission to do credit checks

Prepaid cards are also available from more independent vendors who do not conduct credit checks. They consist of:


Quidity \sSplash \sBread

Who Acknowledges Maestro?

Maestro cards can be used everywhere the Maestro logo is displayed. This consists of:


There are about 1,2 million retailers in the United Kingdom.

13 million shops around the globe

1.9 million ATMs

Several online stores, including Amazon, as well as leading online betting platforms, such as Coral and Bet365.

What is Maestro’s cost?

There are no direct costs associated with Maestro debit cards, however some services may incur a fee if they are linked to a checking account, so check before signing up.


Maestro prepaid cards have no direct fees, however some services, such as topping up with a credit card, currency conversion, and ATM withdrawals, may incur fees. Again, this varies per service provider; check before signing up.


The following additional services may be subject to bank fees:


Currency exchange

Withdrawals from abroad

Characteristics of Money Transfer Services

As members of the MasterCard family, Maestro cardholders are entitled to participate in the special offers, contests, and promotions offered on the website of the parent company.


Security Being part of the MasterCard network, Maestro benefits from a variety of security precautions introduced by its parent business. They consist of:


MasterCard SecureCode EMV Chip & Pin and Dynamic PayPass’ enhanced password protection for online payments to avoid card cloning and fraud.

Online fraud protection information and a phone number available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to report any strange activity on your card, as well as lost or stolen cards.






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